Cordillera Escalera – A Short Documentary

As some of you may already know, I spent some years studying Film Production in Dublin, Ireland.
Film is always something I have had a love for, I can remember watching shows about special effects on Saturday afternoons as a child, and seeing my very first film in a cinema, Jurassic Park, when I was six.

While I was in the jungle, in the Cordillera Escalera, I entertained the idea of making a short documentary about Orlando and what he does. Unfortunately, one the more daring monkeys managed to snatch my camera battery; all we found of it was chewed bits of plastic, so that was the end of that idea.

That is, until another volunteer arrived, Valentine, with a beautiful Nikon DSLR.
So with his camera, and the lessons I vaguely remembered from my time in college, I spent a day interviewing Orlando and some of the volunteers.

I should stress that this should be considered an amateur undertaking because of the  impromptu nature of it, and the sound quality isn’t excellent, this is mainly due to the ambient noises of the jungle and the fact that the only microphone we had was the onboard one on the camera.

But regardless, I hope it enlightens you some as to what it is Orlando Zagazeta does, and I hope you enjoyed it.


2 thoughts on “Cordillera Escalera – A Short Documentary

  1. What a great place… I spent over a month…as an architect…I ve never been so complete and happy…


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