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Why Do We Travel?

Why do we travel? What is it that compels humans to move, to see and be more?
I once wrote that travel is a strange thing; that travel on a large scope is a huge and often life-changing undertaking, yet we often push the gravity of these decisions and actions to the back of our minds.
Now that I have come to fully realise the possibilities of a years-long trip, I being to wonder why this desire to travel exists at all?

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New Voices Article On

Make sure to have a read of my new article, published today in the wonderful Voices section of The Journal.
I’m genuinely delighted to be contributing to this wonderful site.

For me, it is a milestone in both my travels and my life. This will be a marker in my personal lifelong narrative, a new chapter in my new home.
It is something that happens to everyone at some point or another, a time when home no longer simply means your origins, but also the place where you try to carve out a living for yourself in whatever corner of the world you have found yourself in.

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The Full Chilean Breakfast

One thing I’ve been missing since I left home to travel South America.

One particular staple of of Irish life and identity.

Something that I have craved for a long long time, but never had the means to acquire.

The Full Irish Breakfast.

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Cajon Del Maipo

I have been here in Chile for near nine months now, and aside from one short morning trip to the snowy mountainside of Valle Nevado and another day-trip to the Francoise Lurton vineyard just outside of Santiago, I have yet to truly leave the city for any notable length of time.

It was with this thought in mind that I leapt at the impromptu suggestion of going camping in the valleys of Cajon Del Maipo.



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