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A Peruvian Art Exhibition

A short post for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Sit back and enjoy some Peruvian artwork.

Before departing to the Cerelias reservation, where we undertook our first true jungle adventure, we stopped in the small northern Peruvian town of Tarapoto.

We passed one particular night here in this town at a local art exhibition with an unusual theme related to all of the pieces on show.
It was an exhibition of local Peruvian artists, where one of the main attractions was that most of the art had been inspired by the consumption of Ayahuasca.


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The Jungle Scene – Arrivals

One week into my time in the jungle; I had a fresh scar on my left hand, another on my right leg. Machete gripped in hand, I would cut firewood for our cookfire before heading down to the river to collect water.

I stopped for a moment, and thought to myself, ‘this might be the most interesting thing that’s ever happened to me.’


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The Two-Week Teacher

On a trip of this scope, a cross-continental undertaking, it is necessary to have some kind of backup plan in terms of money. If worst were to come to worst, to have the means to be able to generate your own income.

With this in mind, before I left Ireland, I enrolled myself in a TEFL course, short for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The course itself was time-consuming, although not incredibly difficult; due to English already being my first language, I was able to focus more on methods of teaching. I don’t consider myself a particularly good public speaker, though I am confident in my abilities as an English speaker.

On a mountainside in Peru, in a region known as Paltachayoc, there is a small school, with only two full-time teachers and nine students over two classrooms.


This is where I taught my very first English class.

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